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Private psychotherapies are dedicated to providing psychological counseling and treatment services in a private and confidential environment. In this context, mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists or clinical social workers, offer therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families or groups seeking to address and overcome emotional, mental or relational challenges.


The fundamental characteristics of private psychotherapies include:

Confidentiality: A high degree of confidentiality is ensured in interactions between the client and the mental health professional. Privacy and respect for shared information are essential to establishing a safe and trusting environment.
Individualized Evaluation:

Before beginning any treatment, a thorough evaluation is performed to understand the client’s specific problems and goals. This allows the therapist to design a treatment plan tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

Variety of Therapeutic Approaches: Private psychotherapies use a wide range of therapeutic approaches, which can include cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic therapies, among others. The choice of approach will depend on the client’s problems and preferences.

Flexibility in Treatment Duration: Unlike some public health care settings, private psychotherapies can offer flexibility in treatment duration. Clients and therapists can work together to determine the best course of action based on therapeutic goals.

Holistic Approach: Private psychotherapies often take a holistic approach, considering not only specific symptoms, but also the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and social aspects of the individual’s life.

Quick and Personalized Access: Private psychotherapy services often offer faster access to therapeutic services and the ability to adapt to the client’s specific needs in terms of session times and frequency.

Importantly, private psychotherapies operate on a fee-for-service model, where clients typically pay fees for each session. This approach allows for greater autonomy and choice for individuals seeking mental health services.

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Maria L Gonzalez


Maria has a broad experience helping adults, adolescents, and children make positive changes in their lives. She takes a holistic and compassionate approach to help people break free from the whirlwind of negative thoughts and emotions and replace patterns that no longer serve them with coping skills that improve their lives.


English and Spanish

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Aslene has experience working with all ages, including adults, young adults, teens/adolescents, and children. She has worked with people in a broad range of areas, including anxiety, depression, substance use, parent-child relationships, self-esteem, decision-making issues, and body image issues. She uses cognitive behavioral and solution-focused techniques.

English and Spanish


Nayle Moro

Nayle has a Master of Science in Psychological Intervention and has several years of experience in clinical
practice treating adults struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, thought disorders,
acculturation, and other challenging circumstances. Nayle uses the person-centered cognitive behavioral
therapy approach to help the client overcome barriers. She works collaboratively with her patients to
develop a treatment plan that will result in improved mental well-being.

English and Spanish


Maura P Espinosa

License Mental Health Counselor

Maura is a licensed mental health counselor with a masters in clinical psychology. She works with children and adults and conducts psychological evaluations, psycho-educational assessments, and bariatric assessments. In session, she will explore all aspects of a person in consideration of their symptoms and treatment approach.